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Frequently Asked Questions

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A replacement window is a window that’s custom-made to fit into the exact same opening where your old window used to be. That way, you don’t need to worry about hiring a contractor to remove any of your home’s exterior materials.

Each replacement window is built to match the size and dimensions of your existing windows, so you can be sure that it’ll fit perfectly. It’s a simple and easy way to give your home an upgrade and improve its energy efficiency!

Are you thinking about replacing your home’s windows, but not sure if it’s worth it? We’re here to help!

First off, replacement windows and doors offer a lot of benefits, like increased energy efficiency, lower energy bills, and a more beautiful home. If your windows are more than 25 years old, it’s definitely worth considering a replacement to boost energy efficiency and protect your home.

And if you’re experiencing issues like rotting frames, windows that won’t open or let in drafts, or ice buildup and condensation, your home is a great candidate for new windows.

But wait, there’s more! Getting replacement windows and doors can also improve your home’s appearance, with a wide variety of styles to choose from, and hardware options that can really spruce things up inside and out.

Plus, new windows can give you better ventilation throughout your home, with options for windows that open and have screens to let in fresh air.

So, if you’re looking for greater comfort, energy savings, and a more beautiful home, replacement windows and doors are definitely worth considering. And with our wide selection and expertise, So Cal Window and Door Installers is here to help you every step of the way!

You bet they will! At So Cal Window and Door Installers, we know that replacement windows can do wonders for your home’s value and curb appeal.

In fact, Remodeling Magazine found that upscale homes on the west coast with replacement windows saw a whopping 93% return on investment. That’s right, the increase in value your home will experience after new windows are installed will more than make up for the cost of the replacement itself.

And let’s not forget about the appearance of your home. Replacement both come in a wide variety of styles and budgets, so you can choose the perfect fit for your home’s aesthetic. Plus, with more natural light streaming in, your home’s interior will feel brighter, more functional, and even more stylish.

So, if you want to increase your home’s value and curb appeal, replacement windows and doors are a no-brainer. And with our expertise and selection, So Cal Window and Door Installers is here to make sure you get the most out of your investment!

You bet they will! If you’re tired of high energy bills, it’s time to consider new windows from So Cal Window and Door Installers.

Drafty old windows can let precious air escape, while single-pane glass doesn’t do much to insulate your home against the elements. All of this adds up to higher heating and cooling costs.

But with new, high-performance replacement windows, you can keep your home’s temperature just right without relying on your furnace or air conditioner as much. In fact, according to estimates by the US Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR® rated double-paned replacement windows can save you as much as 40% on your energy bills.

That means you’ll not only be more comfortable in your home, but you’ll also save money in the long run. So if you want to cut down on those pesky energy bills, it’s time to consider new windows from So Cal Window and Door Installers!

We know you’re excited to get your new windows or doors installed, and at So Cal Window and Door Installers, we work hard to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Of course, the type of windows or doors we’re removing and installing, their locations, and the frame types are all factors that can affect how long the installation will take. On average, our expert window installers can install eight to ten windows per day. Sliding patio doors, French doors, bi-fold doors, and multi-slide doors may take a bit longer to install.

But don’t worry, when we visit your home, our service representative will assess your installation project and give you a clear timeline. Typically, the entire process – from measuring and ordering to manufacturing and installation – takes between 2 ½ to 4 weeks.

We know your time is valuable, and we promise to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get your new windows or doors installed without sacrificing quality. So sit back, relax, and let So Cal Window and Door Installers take care of everything!

We want your window installation to go as smoothly as possible, so we have a few recommendations to help prepare your home.

Firstly, we suggest removing any wall decorations that are close to the windows being replaced to prevent accidental damage. We also recommend taking down any window treatments like curtains and blinds to make our installers’ job easier.

If you have security sensors, please turn them off and remove them before we arrive. And lastly, please make sure there’s a clear path to the windows being replaced by moving any furniture or objects that might be in the way.

By taking these steps, you’ll help ensure that our expert installers can work efficiently and safely, and your beautiful new windows will be installed without any issues. So, thank you for your help in preparing for your window installation, and we look forward to providing you with top-notch service!

At So Cal Window and Door Installers, we believe in making your life as easy as possible. That’s why we handle everything when it comes to your old windows and doors.

Our expert installation team will remove all of your old windows and doors from your property and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner after we’ve installed your new replacements.

Of course, we understand that sometimes you might want to keep your old windows or doors for sentimental reasons or other purposes. If that’s the case, please let our installation team know as soon as they arrive, and we’ll make sure to accommodate your request.

At So Cal Window and Door Installers, we’re here to make your window and door replacement experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. So sit back, relax, and let us handle everything – from start to finish!